Raf Grassetti

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Raf Grassetti (Los Angeles, United States)
Art Director & Character Artist at Santa Monica Studio.

Raf Grassetti is both a digital and traditional artist who has worked in the entertainment industry for over seventeen years. He is one of the best known digital sculptors in the world and contributed to more than twenty titles during his career, including some of the most successful franchises in the world, winning many awards over the years including best Art Director, best Digital Sculptor and Video Game of the year awards.
Grassetti launched his career as a traditional sculptor, but he then transitioned to virtual sculpting after discovering the power of immortalizing his subjects in digital stone. His work is classic yet tragicomic, shocking his viewers with a sensation of awe and wonder. Currently located in Los Angeles, he is working as an Art Director at Sony Santa Monica’s God of War franchise, as well as working on his personal art book, exhibition and gallery work and crypto art.

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